Building a Herb Garden

Building a Herb Garden

Herbs make food taste absolutely delicious and fresh herbs make it even tastier, not only that they are an integral part of a healthy diet.  There are plenty of herbs with medicinal value.  Growing herbs yourself is fairly easy to do right in your own home with just a few pots.  If you have the backyard space then you can grow a variety of herbs including some of the more popular ones including dill, basil, cilantro, mint, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme.  While you can grow all of these in a garden some of them are better off in pots so they don’t crowd out other plants.

Which Herbs to Grow

You can grow any or all of the herbs listed above but really grow the ones that you are going to use the most.  If you cook a lot of Italian food then basil is probably at the top of the list, whereas if you like Mexican cuisine then cilantro may top your list.  It doesn’t matter what type of herbs you choose to grow all of them will make your food taste wonderful.

Growing Herbs Indoors

If you have a window sill in your kitchen you can start growing herbs right now.  Most grocery stores will have ready to buy herbs growing in pots that you can take home on your next trip.  If your kitchen doesn’t have a window or you don’t get an adequate amount of light throughout the day, don’t worry you can still grow some herbs.  There are smart herb gardens that take care of everything you simply add the seed cartridges and in a few weeks you will have lovely herbs growing.

Growing Herbs Outdoors

If you prefer to grow your herbs outdoors you can add them to your existing flower or vegetable gardens fairly easily.  You can also create a separate corner just for herbs, although you may want to put it as close as possible to the kitchen.  Raised gardens are also an easier way to separate your herbs from the other plants in the garden.  One of the benefits of combining your herbs with your flowers is that they help keep unwanted pests away while at the same time attracting the insects that you do want in your garden.

If you grow vegetables in your garden then it makes sense to also grow a few herbs.  Some herbs grow really well next to other vegetables, they will keep away insects and help the other veggies to thrive. For instance tomatoes and basil grow really well together, which make sense since they taste so good together.  Mint can improve the flavor of your melons and chives will keep aphids away from carrots.

Growing herbs is incredibly easy these versatile plants can be grown indoors or out so you can fresh herbs on hand all the time.